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home automation

A Home Automation System can be broken down into three distinct phases: Structured Cabling, Trim Out and Systems Integration. As your "Home of the Future" experts, we walk you through each stage to ensure you understand what you’re getting and why you need it.

We developed our own "Universal Cabling System" that frees you from the worry of deciding exactly what you want now. We install the infrastructure, and you can start with as little or as much convenience as you wish.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system can consist of one or more media sources, from basic phone lines and cable TV, to computer networks, surround sound and home theater, and security. If properly installed, multiple components can be added at any time, work together, and are easily accessible from any room in your house.

Wiring 101

A Quick Lesson in Wiring...to help you understand the different types and what they’re used for.

  1. Category 5 (100MHz) – This cable is used for phone/intercom systems, computer networks, access control and home automation. It’s also used in advanced audio distribution systems and infra-red control.
  2. Enhanced Cat 5 (up to 1Ghz) + Cat6 - The newest and fastest category rated wire, it’s used for high speed data transfer for all computer uses.
  3. Quad Shield RG6 (2.5 GHz) - This format is used for video and high speed data transmission throughout the home. It handles anything from satellite, TV, cable, cable modem, CCTV cameras, and more.
  4. 16/2 & 16/4 – Used for speaker wiring throughout the home. Most rooms are now pre-wired for speakers, volume controls, IR keypads or eyes.
  5. Infrared – Allows you to wire all your rooms so you can add total remote or keypad control of everything in the future.

Structured Cabling Packages

Here’s a sample of the packaged systems others may offer; giving you an idea of what’s included. These options represent "starter packages," While customized packages are readily available. With expandability and growth built in that’s greater than other installers systems, your new HD for everyone will typically contain between 90-200 drops per home (the systems below are typically from 20-60 drops):

Basic Structured Cabling System  

(6) Data outlets (CAT5E - 100BaseT/350MHz)
(6) Phone outlets (CAT5 - 100BaseT capable)
(18) Video in/out ports (2.4GHz Video)
(1) Leviton 18 port media panel w/cover
(1) Leviton 1x8 passive video splitter
(1) AC power block
(1) 8 port TelCom module
(34) Total ports
(10) Rooms
(12) Locations

Audio Distribution Wiring Package

Includes everything above plus …
(11) Rooms with speaker ready wiring
(11) Volume control ready locations
(2) Infra-red keypad/touch screen ready locations
(1) Home theater room pre-wire (Dolby 5.1)

Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Wiring Package

Includes everything above plus…
(1) Cable modem/DSL ready wiring (whole house)
(1) DSL sharing capable (whole house LAN)
(12) Total data/LAN ports (100 BaseT capable)

Home Theater Package

Includes everything above plus…
(1) Home theater pre-wire (Dolby 7.1 and DTS compatible)
(1) Master bed simulated theater pre-wire (Dolby surround compatible)
(1) Satellite, HDTV, and HSD pre-wire (HDTV and HD satellite ready)

HD for everyone - trim out

This stage is the time to choose according to your preferences or budget, because every cable or wire run in the structured cabling plan doesn’t need to be used right away. In fact, most homeowners often choose to upgrade phone and network outlets later.

For example, a single Category 5 cable has 4 pairs of wires in it. A telephone line only requires one (1) pair, so you can trim out for a single phone line or multiple lines, a fax line, and modem line. You can even add a cable TV or cable modem outlet in the same plate.

That type of distribution do you want right now? What type of trim do you want, standard equipment, some specialized outlets, or a full plug-n-play trimming? Do you want to install speakers and volume controls now, or upgrade later? These are a few of the questions we’ll ask as we customize your home the way you want it.

Basic Trim - Standard trim plates for telephone and cable TV outlets. It also includes blank plates over unused outlets.

Advanced Trim - This allows for some combination outlets. It’s a standard trim that allows the combining of telephone, cable TV, and network outlets into a single jack.

Decora Trim - Decora style trim plates allow for combination outlets for two phone lines, networks or cable outlets. You can also get screwless Trim Plates, for an elaborate finished look.

SOHO & QuickPort Trim - QuickPort multi port trim plates, allows for multiple TV, phone, cable, and network ports in a single wall plate.

systems integration

The final phase of the HD for everyone home automation plan involves setup, configuration, integration and programming of all subsystems. It’s one thing to install a security system or a home theater, but to install both and then add lighting control, climate control, touch screens, and CCTV cameras, that all work in concert.


Just imagine yourself...

Arriving home in the evening, you pull in the driveway and the lawn lights illuminate, the garage lights turn on, and the garage floods light your way. Once inside, simply disarm the security system with your key chain remote, and the preferred "HOME" lights all brighten to their preset levels, the A/C sets to a comfortable temperature, and the TV switches on with your favorite program.

Once settled in at home, if someone approaches the driveway, a sensor alerts you with a pleasant chime, and if you are watching any TV in the house, automatically the driveway CAM pops up in the "picture in picture" so you know who's arriving. When they ring the doorbell, you simply pick up any phone to speak with them, and to "buzz" them in, you just press #5 on the phone keypad.

You hold one remote control available in each room that works the TV, VCR, DVD and stereo, not to mention the lights, drapes, and a multitude of other things for that room. We’ll reduce your anxiety of trying to find the correct remote with one main touch screen or one remote, controlling everything in your home. A few universal TV remotes throughout the house or one for each room can control all the audio/video equipment for that room, plus the lights, appliances, ceiling fans, drapes/blinds, etc.

When you leave for work or for an evening out, just press one button to arm your security system. This option automatically sets back the A/C 10 degrees, turns all major lights off after 5 minutes, and switches any TV or A/V equipment off. If the alarm is triggered while you’re away, all lights in the house will flash for 5 minutes, and all exterior lights will illuminate.